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The Choice by Lorhainne Eckhart

The Choice: A sizzling romantic suspense (Walk the Right Road Series, Book 1) - Lorhainne Eckhart

I feel a little unsure about my feelings regarding this book, so this review may seem a little confused. I’m still trying to work it out in my own mind.


I like this book. I didn’t love it, though. I was left wishing there was less of parts of it and I was left wanting more. I’ll try to explain. This is a paranormal romantic suspense novel. In my opinion, those can be very hard to pull off well since you have to write both a satisfying romance and a satisfying suspense story and then add paranormal elements that fit with both on top. I feel Ms. Eckhart succeeded with a satisfying romance. It’s not my favorite, but it was good and I was happy with the ending and the way the hero and heroine got to their HEA. The suspense story is what left me wanting.


I’ve checked on Goodreads since finishing last night and it appears that the next book in the series continues the suspense plot, with a different couple as the romantic leads. I can think of a couple of similar series I’ve read and really enjoyed, despite (or perhaps because) of the serial nature of the suspense plot. One is Kaylea Cross’s suspense series (which starts with Out of Her League). Another is Shannon McKenna’s McClouds & Friends* series (which starts with Behind Closed Doors). In both cases, each book closes with the part of the suspense plot revolving around that book’s main characters being resolved. The “Big Bad” is still out there, but whatever element of the overall suspense plot was specifically targeting the H & h is dealt with in a way that left me satisfied. I don’t feel like this was the case with The Choice.



Warning! Spoiler behind the spoiler tag! The bad guy who was threatening the hero and heroine is still very much out there and operating at the end of the book. The heroine feels like she has cut the paranormal ties between them, but I didn’t really catch that from the climactic scenes in the book. I felt like she was still potentially vulnerable. And the hero’s method of resolving the situation was to ask the Big Bad Guy to leave them alone and offer to retire from law enforcement (which he does). Huh?! Basically, the bad guys won. Blech.


But most of all, I never got the sense there was really some big Choice the heroine made. I think she made that choice at the beginning of the book when she first met the hero. The rest seemed to just be aftermath to me.


Also, with regard to the paranormal elements, I think they were used a bit too much as info dumps and a deus ex machina at time. And they were repetitive. They aren’t bad, but the paranormal/dream segments could be edited and tightened up quite a bit in my opinion.

(show spoiler)



There were several things I really liked about this book. I liked both the hero and heroine and loved them together. I like several of the secondary characters. I think the romance was well developed and I think the suspense plot was well developed to a point. It just didn’t end in a way that satisfied me. I wish I felt like jumping immediately into the next book to get more and to get possible resolution. Unfortunately, I don’t quite feel that way. Maybe in a few days? And maybe reading the next book will help?


*This was kind of a stretch but I think it still applies. Parts of the series have a storyline that threads through them and parts of it stand alone.