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Big Post of Shifter Paranormal Romance Novels I Liked or Didn't Like or Have in my TBR

Watching Her Every Move - Diana DeRicci Rachel's Totem  - Marie Harte Checkmate  - Annmarie McKenna A Certain Wolfish Charm - Lydia Dare Arctic Shift - Lissa Matthews Shifters' Captive - Bonnie Dee Mate Set  - Laurann Dohner


Behind the pagebreak is a big list of Shifter PNRs for reference, divided into those I've read and liked, those I've read and didn't like and those sitting in my TBR pile.  I can only link a few it seems so I have chosen those I liked that are less well known to link.



Series/Stand Alones I have read and liked:


1.  Psy-Changling series by Nalini Singh.  Series starts with Slave to Sensation.  I have read most of the series and love it.  Shifters are big cats and wolves for the most part but there are many different species of shifters in the background.


2. Pride series by Shelly Laurenston.  Series starts with The Mane Event.  I have read most of the series and love it.  Very funny.  Mostly big cats and wolves but also wildlife, bears and maybe others.


3.  Halle Pumas by Dana Marie Bell.  Series starts with The Wallflower.  I have read all of this series and I love it.  Shifters are Pumas.


4.  Halle Shifters by Dana Marie Bell.  Series starts with Bear Necessities.  I have read the first book in this series and loved it.  Shifters are bears.


5.  Cascadia Wolves series by Lauren Dane. Series starts with Enforcer.  I have read all of this series and love it.  It's a little campy and there is a werewolf mafia in it.


6.  De La Vega Cats series by Lauren Dane.  Series starts with Trinity. I have read all of this series and love it.  It's a spinoff of the Cascadia Wolves.  Shifters are jaguars.


7.  His Teddy Bear.  Stand alone by Eve Langlais.  I have read this and loved it.  Shifters are wolf and bear.  Heroine is BBW.


8.  Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs.  Series starts with Cry Wolf.  I have only read the first two books in this series but I loved what I have read.  Shifters are wolves.


9.  Alpine Woods Shifters by Sondrae Bennett.  Series starts with Arctic Winds.  I have read all of this series and loved it.  Shifters are mostly wolves but there are also foxes, an otter and I think other species.


10.  Freakn' Shifters series by Eve Langlais.  Series starts with Delicate Freakn' Flower.  I have read about half this series and like it a lot.  Lots of funny parts.  I think all of the books have menage relationships.  Shifters are various species.


11.  Wild Hunt Legacy by Cherise Sinclair.  Series starts with Hour of the Lion.  I have read the first book and loved it. The second is near the top of my TBR.  Both books have menage relationships. Shifters in the first book are cougars and in the second are wolves.


12.  Serengeti Shifters by Vivi Andrews. Series starts with Serengeti Heat. I have read all of this series and liked it very much.  Shifters are lions.


13.  Westfield Brothers by Lydia Dare.  Series starts with A Certain Wolfish Charm.  They are historical erotic PNRs which I haven't seen a lot of.  I loved the first two, hated the third and loved the fourth.  Shifters are wolves.  There is an offshoot vampire series that looks good. Link: A Certain Wolfish Charm - Lydia Dare 


14.  Wolf's Seduction by Diana DeRicci. Series starts with Watching Her Every Move.  I have only read the final book in the trilogy, Loves Learning Curves but I liked it very much.  Shifters are wolves. This appears to be DeRicci' s only PNR and only m/f series. It is pretty short. Link:  Watching Her Every Move - Diana DeRicci .


15.  Cougar Falls/Feral Attraction by Marie Harte.  Series starts with Rachel's Totem.  I have read all but the last book in this series and loved them.  Shifters are a variety of species including raptors. I thought the series had very interesting world building.  Link:  Rachel's Totem (Feral Attraction) - Marie Harte 


16.  Shifting Reality by R.G. Alexander.  Series starts with My Shifter Showmance.  I have only read the first but I enjoyed it.  It is funny and steamy.  The subsequent books are PNRs but not with shifters.  Shifter in the first is a lion. There is spoofing of reality tv and blogging.


17.  Amber Eyes by Maya Banks.  Series starts with Amber Eyes. I have read all of the series and liked it very much.  Relationships are menage.  The shifters are the heroines and they are cougars.


18.  Were Trilogy by Dixie Lynn Dwyer.  Series starts with Were She Belongs. I have read the entire series and enjoyed it though I also thought it turned into trainwrecky crack in the last book.  All relationships are menage or menage+.  Shifters are wolves.


19.  Triple Trouble by Tymber Dalton.  Series starts with Trouble Comes in Threes.  I have read most of the series and like it.  All 3 books are about the same menage a quatre. I did not consider it a serial but some might.  Shifters are wolves.


20.  Sea Island Wolves by Jenny Penn. Series starts with Mating Claire.  I have read the entire series and I liked it.  All but the first are menage.  Shifters are wolves.


21.  Mates by Annmarie McKenna.  Series starts with Seeing Eye Mate.  I have read both books. I liked the first and loved the second.  Shifters are wolves.  Link:  Checkmate - Annmarie McKenna 


22.  Werewolves in Love by Kinsey W. Holley.  Series starts with Kiss and Kin. That title is deceptive.  He's only related by marriage and really more of a friend.  I have only read the first in the series but I thought it was good.  It is pretty short though.  Shifters are wolves.


23.  Mating Heat by Laurann Dohner.  Series starts with Mate Set.  I have read both books in the series and liked them both very much.  Both are very emotionally engaging and sexy.  Mate Set - Laurann Dohner 


24.  Denali Heat by Lisa's Matthews.  Series starts with Arctic Shift.  I have read the first in the series and liked it a lot. It was pretty short, though.  Shifters are polar bears.  Link: Arctic Shift - Lissa Matthews 



25. Magical Menages by Bonnie Dee.  Series starts with Shifter' s Captive. Shifters are a panther and a wolf and the relationship is menage. This one stood out because the males are rivals and their banter is great. Second in the series is vampire rather than shifter. Link: Shifters' Captive - Bonnie Dee 


The following are series or standalone shifter books I read and did not like enough that I won't recommend them:


1.  Black Panthers by Leah Brooke.  Series starts with Panther' s Prey.  I don't seem to have a review but I gave it two stars.  I think she kept running away which I really dislike.  Shifters are panthers.


2.  Pack by Eve Langlais.  Series starts with Defying Pack Law. I hated that book.  Too rapey. Too much boozing to avoid problems.  To much heroine apologizing and taking blame for the rape.  The series might get better but it got off to a bad start.


The following are in my TBR collection:


1.  Leopard People by Christine Feehan.  Series starts with The Awakening. Shifters are leopards.


2.  Granite Lake Wolves by Vivian Arend.  Series starts with Wolf Signs.  Shifters are wolves.


3. Shifters Unbound by Jennifer Ashley. Series begins with Pride Mates. Shifters appear to be mostly cats and it's a mixture of novels and novellas.


4.  Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper. Series begins with How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf. Shifters are wolves.


5.  Breeds by Lora Leigh. Series starts with Tempting the Beast.  Shifters are a variety of species.


6.  New Species by Laurann Dohner.  Series starts with Fury.  Shifters are a variety of species.


7.  Alpha and Omega by Aline Hunter.  Series starts with Omega Mine.  Shifters are wolves.


8.  Cherchez Pack by Lauren Dane. Series starts with Ascension.  Shifters are wolves.


9.  Feral Warriors by Pamela Palmer.  Series starts with Desire Untamed.  Shifters are big cats. I may have read one of them. Can't remember.


10.  Westervelt Wolves by Rebecca Boyce.  Series starts with Her Wolf.  Shifters are wolves. I may have read the first one. Can't remember.


11.  Tooth and Claw by Annmarie McKenna.  Standalone with vampire/jaguar hybrid.


12.  Maggie's Mates by Bronwyn Green.  Standalone menage with bears.


13.  Cat Star Chronicles by Cheryl Brooks. Series starts with Slave. Shifters are cat aliens.


14.  Scared of Spiders by Eve Langlais. Standalone with menage. Shifters are wolves.


15.  Puma Nights by Madison Layle. Series starts with Falke' s Peak.  Shifters are Pumas.


16.  Shifter Tales by Cynthia Arsuaga. Series begins with Top Dog. Shifter is a yorkshire terrier!


Other Resources:


There is a thread in the Amazon erotic romance or erotica forum titled "Where Are Werebears" that I will try to find and add as a link.



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