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I love to read and to talk about books. I review many of the books I read. I do not accept any author/publisher submissions for reviews. I do not read or review ARCs. I do not enter any giveaways or contests. I obtain the books I review by purchasing them at the same price they are offered to the general public at the time of purchase. My reviews are intended for the use of my fellow readers. They are not advertising or promotion. They are not beta reads or constructive criticism or editing or advice to the author. My only obligation to the author is to pay the price charged for the book at the time of purchase. My reviews are sometimes critical and I will not stop posting critical reviews just to spare delicate authors' feelings. I am happy to make new friends, but friend requests from authors or promoters who have few or no books (and/or friends) in common with me and write or promote categories I do not read (especially new adult) will be ignored. I used to read more self-published books. After recent meltdowns by self-published authors, I now only read self-published authors I've previously read or who have been recommended to me by fellow readers I trust. I also used to read young adult/new adult books but rarely do so now.

The Demon's Daughter

The Demon's Daughter - Emma Holly After getting off to a slow start, this book doesn't really take off until the last 15% or so. The pacing just doesn't work. Every time the plot seems about to take off it's derailed by detours into world building, character introduction and love scenes. The love scenes happen to be the best part of the book - they are very hot and I think show the developing relationship between Roxanne and Adrian better than the suspense plot ever does. But they also intrude on what could have been a fairly interesting romantic suspense story. This was my first attempt to read Emma Holly. I came very close to DNFing it several times. The last 15% was good, but not really worth slogging my way through the rest. Steampunk, steampunk suspense and steampunk romance have been done better elsewhere. Combining them sounds like it would be heaps of fun, but it didn't work out this time. Since I love steampunk I have mixed feelings about so many authors rushing in to try the "next big thing." I do have the second book in the series (it was a Kindle freebie) and I do plan on at least starting it. I hope that with some of the world building out of the way it's a bit better.