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Giving Chase (Chase Brothers, #1)

Giving Chase (Chase Brothers, #1) - Lauren Dane I have enjoyed Lauren Dane's paranormals (Cascadia Wolves & de la Vega Cats) very much so I was looking forward to trying one of her contemporaries. And I enjoyed Giving Chase very much as well. I do think Ms. Dane has grown a lot as a writer over the last several years and her more recent books are better but that is to be expected. This book was sexy, suspenseful and fun. The hero is alpha in all the good ways - protective and assertive and confident without ever being a jerk. The heroine starts out with substantial self-esteem issues but we get to watch her self-confidence grow and grow as she is surrounded by the loving Chase family and as her relationship with the hero grows. There is a nasty, creepy villain and a handful of groupie-like town bimbos giving the heroine and the plot plenty of drama. And then there is the heroine's family. This was the one minor drawback to the book for me. I thought they were overdone and that their venom was a bit of overkill. It helped explain the heroine's self-esteem issues but it seemed like there were too many sources of drama to me. I also couldn't understand why the heroine's friends, (including the hero's mom who she serves on a board with and who later speaks like she's known about this situation forever) never spoke up for her before she started dating the hero. If one of my friends' mom's was that nasty, I'd have plenty to say about it! But again, this was a comparatively minor issue. They are not all that present in the book.The relationship between the hero and heroine is written well here. It grows fairly slowly. There is no insta-love. And it feels like a natural progression. By the end of the book I could see them surrounded by grandkids and blissfully happy. The love scenes are excellent and very hot. I think that is something Ms. Dane excels at and she is also very good at incorporating them organically into the story. I think that is something that is difficult to do. Ms. Dane's love scenes enhance and further the story rather than feeling formulaic and stuck in for the heck of it.Overall I thought this was a good start to the series and I'll be interested to see if the other three books in the series get better and better the way Cascadia Wolves did.