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Maid for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, Book 1)

Maid for Love - Marie Force This book is difficult for me to review. There are things I liked about it, things I loved about it and a couple of things I disliked strongly. I'll try to cover as much as I can without spoilers and put the rest behind tags at the end.I liked the heroine. She was strong in adversity without being bitchy or cold. She was trying to do her best for herself and her child. I can't think of any tstl moments on her part. I liked the hero's father and sister as well as several other secondary characters. I liked the way some of the secondary characters did some growing. I loved the setting and I could feel the author's love for it as well. I loved that the hero was so determined from early in the story. I love Cinderella stories and this is a pretty good version.Now for things I didn't care for. Some of the hero's actions were just too arrogant for me. He crossed the line in that regard several times for me. He does in the heroines eyes as well but she is more willing to forgive and accept than I would be. I didn't like the heroine's sourpuss sister. Instead of protective, she comes across as bitter and spiteful. It seems like she might be being set.up for transformation in a future book but I'm not sure I want to put up with her that long.The things I disliked strongly need to go behind spoiler tags so I can be specific but I will say up front that those of you who hate a certain type of story with single mothers in them should be wary! Yes, this book has the dreaded secret baby plot in it. There's a bit of a twist to it because the hero is not the father. The father is present, though and the heroine and later the hero both conceal the information that he's the father from him. Sure, the guy's an ass and the author has him quickly sign away his parental rights. That didn't make it okay for me. Further, the hero and baby daddy make this deal without the heroine's knowledge. This really is not the kind of thing that should be handled under the table in a diner!So, I'm a bit torn. I enjoyed about 95% of this story. I liked the setting and secondary characters so much that I know I'll be back for more. But the bad thing was bad enough that I can't say I loved this book or even really liked it. So liking & 3 stars it is. I am cautiously optimistic that book 2 will be better.