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Seducing Mr. Right Review

Seducing Mr. Right - Alexis Browne

What a mess!  There are 3 romance storylines in this book. Plot one appears to be significant at first but completely disappears about a third of the way through.  What happened to Matthew and Kat (Katie? Kelsie?)?  We're they abducted by aliens?  Plot two is the one described in the blurb and while it is briefly intertwined with plot one, like kudzu it overruns everything around it, sucking out what little life the book had.  The heroine is unlikeable and unrelateable. The hero is marginally better and I wish he'd gotten a clue and walked from the heroine.  And warning: there are a couple of incidents that most romance readers would consider cheating. I certainly did. Plot three was sweet but was barely there and mostly used to further plot two.  The writing style is juvenile.  The timeline is horribly confusing. One couple goes to lunch at the same time another goes to dinner. That issue improves a bit when plot one's characters escape to the Bermuda triangle but doesn't clear up completely.


The ending was absolutely atrocious.  Want to see how bad? Check behind the spoiler tag.



The book ends with a short sex scene. It could have ended sweetly with the couple's engagement but ... no. The last line is: Del climaxed mindlessly, watching Jessica ride him into oblivion.

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I think I am being generous giving this one star.