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Catering to the Italian Playboy Review

Catering to the Italian Playboy - Tamelia Tumlin

This is a fairly standard Billionaire/Caterer + Secret Baby Romance.  Both the hero and heroine have Tragic Pasts.  There were two things about it that bugged me a bit more than the usual HP of this type: 

1) The heroine doesn't really even try to come up with a reason for keeping the baby secret; and 2) the heroine, who was an adult at the time (early twenties) doesn't realize her mom (who she lived with and was allegedly very close to at the time) was mentally ill, off her meds and messed up enough to kill herself and instead blames her father.  Mom was bipolar and dad stayed away because he was worried he would trigger something during her manic episodes.  That part at least I can believe but that the daughter didn't notice something was wrong with mom?  That I cannot believe, especially if mom was that bad off.  She is completely shocked to discover mom was mentally ill.  And I'm speaking as the daughter of a bipolar mother.  So ... no.

(show spoiler)

  But it was a quickie and up to that point, only secret-baby bad.  *shrug*



However, it got me thinking last night.  Why are so many heroines in romance novels event planners and/or caterers?  Is it because feeding people is a nurturing sort of career?  Is it because it sounds fun?  They are almost never travel agents, even though that is presumed to be a fun career.*  They almost never sell cars or work in accounts payable for a department store or help people find apartments to rent.  The only construction managers or architects I run across are always paired up with their contractor/developer client.  There are nurses but they are usually in the medical romances that I don't often read. I don't expect heroines to be in traditionally male careers in an HP, but a wider variety of careers would be nice.  One of my fairly recent favorite SuperRomances had a heroine who managed a furniture store.  That was a refreshing change.


(Don't get me started on "quirky hairdressers," though.  If I determine the heroine is one of those I delete the book and run away screaming.  I have nothing against hairdressers.  I just hate the way "quirky hairdressers" are portrayed in Romancelandia.



*I am a former travel agent. As a career, it has its moments, but it is not all fun.