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Reluctant Surrender  - Riley Murphy

The second book in a series is a letdown.   I loved the first, Reclaimed Surrender, but this one started off with a big problem and then piled a few more problems on top.  It did have a handful of short role play scenes that were very well written, very imaginative and very, very hot. The characters refer to these as bdsm tapas which fits them well. And despite the problems I liked both the main and secondary characters and I liked the conclusion. It was close to 3 stars for me but the problems kept it from getting there.


The hero and his buddies manipulate the heroine through a lie to get her into the hero's home and under his influence.  That's always bad but in a D/s relationship it's just unacceptable. All through the book that nagged at me and the hero never confessed. At the end, the heroine still does not know how she was manipulated.  Then there is an annoying and kind of lame villainess.  Finally, one of those tapas threw me for a loop a bit.  It wasn't a squick, I just thought it was inadvisable to play out a hardcore interrogation scene with a newbie without getting to know her a little better. It seemed like something that could backfire badly.

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Riley Murphy writes well. Her characters are well developed and her plots are not run-of-the-mill bdsm erotic romances. I find her work refreshing and I can tell she knows what she is writing about. Even though this one disappointed me, there were still things I liked a lot about it and I do plan on continuing the series.