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Wishland - Christina Bertke

It is still very funny-bad.


There are fairies, with matching wings and hair:  pink, blue, purple with red streaks (2 of these). Their skin sparkles.


I am not sure what type of beings the heroine's other subjects are.  I thought they were all fairies but the author has made a point of differentiating this latest batch as fairies.  I do know that her head guard (with whom she has been having vaguely described  sex since the night of her arrival in Wishland) has the special ability to remove objects from the shirt he is wearing when he has twice been described as shirtless in the same paragraph.


The heroine has wished for wine and music and turned the palace into a dance club. That's as far as she's gotten with her mission of restoring happiness to Wishland but then she's only been there two days.


The heroine's best friend (Maggy) has been captured by the villain (Zaltare).  So far Zaltare has retrieved Maggy's clothes from her home on Earth and had vaguely described sex with her twice.  And fed her breakfast.  I think he is about to take her on a tour after they finish the vaguely described sex. But I'm sure he is going to do something villainous soon.