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Wishland - Christina Bertke

Holy carp this thing is awful!  It's so bad I'm considering reading all of it.


One character just made 4 "word robe" changes.  The dialogue reads like 13 year olds on a sugar rush.  The descriptions use the word amazing so often I feel like I am reading a transcript of The Bachelor. And it keeps switching between past and present tense.  Also, an old historic Victorian house is old.


The premise seems to be cute but I am having difficulty relating to a woman who hates buying expensive vintage jewelry at estate sales with someone else's money.


I am going to trudge forward until the sexy stranger dude tells the heroine she is secretly a magical goddess.  If it is still funny-bad at that point I might keep going. It's been a while since I've had something this funny-bad to read.


I gotta stop for the night ... but there has been a "gulf ball" sized diamond in the story.  Twice.  So, not a typo.