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30 Day Book Challenge, Day 23 - A Book You've Wanted to Read for a Long Time but Still Haven't

The Far Pavilions, Volume 1 & Volume 2 - M. M. Kaye With a Jug of Wine - Morrison Wood

I ... um ...




I suppose there is some book somewhere that I don't want to read, ever.  I just can't imagine what it is.  Maybe something that is mostly gross pictures. 


There are three books I am looking for copies of, but I have previously read all three of them so I am not sure if they count.  I'm going to use them, anyway.


The first is a romance that comes up fairly often in discussions.  It's a wonderful, epic book:


The Far Pavilions, Volume 1 & Volume 2 - M. M. Kaye 


I used to have a copy and I may still, but it's become buried on my bookshelves if I do.  I am not paying $16 for a new copy.  I really want a kindle version, just because I want to read it again but it is too thick for me to easily read even the paperback with my messed up wrist.


The second is a book my parents owned and let me use sometimes, but guarded zealously.  I do not know what happened to it after my father died.  There are copies available used but I'm not willing to pay that much, especially for a book that has (justifiable) wine stains on it.  However, it has a lamb shank recipe in it that I want so badly I could cry.  Maybe I should have used this for my book that makes me cry yesterday.


With a Jug of Wine - Morrison Wood 


The poor cover is screwed up.  :(


The third is a book I don't know the title or author of.  It is a children's picture book with lovely illustrations.  It's about a family of anthropomorphized dogs (poodles, I think, though there were other breeds in the book).  It's set in late Victorian or Edwardian time.  The eldest daughter of the family was engaged to be married, but ran off with a poor poet dog.  I remember the mama dog swooning and collapsing on her chaise.  I also remember the two younger children playing in the park with a hoop and stick and a little sailboat.  That is all I remember but I want a copy of it very badly.  If anyone knows the title or author, I would appreciate the information!