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Run the Risk by Lori Foster

Run the Risk - Lori Foster

Run the Risk (Hqn) - Lori Foster is so-so romantic suspense at its so-soist.  It had all the problems romantic suspense can have though it still managed to be somewhat entertaining. It was at least entertaining enough that I would call it barely okay but not good.  I'm not sure it merits a long review but I am in the mood to write about the things that can make romantic suspense not really work for me, so...


(Big spoilers behind the pagebreak!)

These are things that bug me in RS generally, with whether or not I found them in this book at the end of each entry:


1.  They meet, they get chased, they have sex, they are shot at, they have sex again, they're shot at again and they get engaged in three days' time.  I can actually see this happening. People do tend to hook up in stressful situations.  But I have never seen that not fall apart. If it happens more slowly or they end with HFN I can believe more easily.


 In Run the Risk I think there's about a week total for the scenario to play out and they aren't even together the whole time.


2. Either the hero or heroine is deeply damaged by some childhood trauma.  There's no therapy. Just sex and I love you and everything's fine.  No.


In this case the heroine is raised by alcoholics who neglect her horribly then die while she's still a young teen.  Her brother runs off and hides with her so she won't be put in foster care. She's never known a stable, lasting home.  When I try to imagine her in a stable, lasting relationship (without getting any help), I just can't.


3. The suspense plot sucks.  There are plot holes.  The mystery is obvious early on. Things happen that are physically impossible and/or the timeline doesn't work.  People do really stupid things (like have sex while hiding from the bad guys in a closet).  The heroine (or occasionally the hero) turns into a super-powered being suddenly and single-handedly defeats the bad guys despite having no training or skills.  


This one didn't hit bottom for me, but there was little mystery and what there was, was very obvious.  There was a lot of people miraculously showing up.  The hero spends a ridiculous amount of time thinking about his secluded cabin in detail early in the book, so you know they will end up hiding out there.  The hero's partner's neighbor is mysterious, so ... sequel bait.  The hero, heroine and heroine's brother all doubt the partner and their lieutenant so of course they are both good guys.  I will give it credit for not having any major plot holes but that's about it.


This book was unbelievable to me plus it really dragged, especially at the beginning. Once they were on the run things picked up but before that I only kept going because it was implied that the heroine was hiding her body from the hero and I wanted to know why. It turns out she's got a hot little bod. Gee, what a surprise.  I'm glad I didn't DNF, but just barely.


I find that with romantic suspense either the romance or the suspense is just not written well.  When they both are, I generally fall in love with the book.  That didn't happen here but I didn't hate it.  I probably would have given it 3 stars on GR but we have half stars here so I can rate more accurately. I already own the sequel so I'm going to read it next and see if it's any better.