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30 Day Book Challenge, Day 12 - A Book You Love but Hate at the Same Time

Colters' Woman (Colters' Legacy, #1) - Maya Banks Sweet Surrender  - Maya Banks

Oh, Maya Banks.  Some of her books I'm not embarrassed to admit I love.  The KGI books, for example, are fun, sexy romantic suspense.  The Falcon Mercenary books are as well.  I also loved Seducing Simon and the two Amber Eyes books.  I like every one of her category romances.  I know some people have problems with the lack of grovel but I liked them despite that.  However, there are two Maya Banks books I cringed through but loved. I even loved them and hated them for the same reason.


Colters' Woman (Colters' Legacy) - Maya Banks  and


Sweet Surrender - Maya Banks 



They both have the same problem.  They are surreptitious age play books.  I happen to love age play.  Real age play where you know it's age play going in and everyone's consenting and on board with it.  I love the nurturing and care.  But when the couple's not intentionally age-playing but they act like they are, things get gross and weird. Plus Ms. Banks' s are repetitive so the books are full of scene after scene of the hero bathing the heroine, feeding the heroine,  sometimes bathing her yet again --there is a LOT of bathing and putting the heroine to bed. This is interspersed with sex.  In the case of Colters' Woman it is menage sex.  In the case of Sweet Surrender it is sort of bdsm.  In both the heroine is infantalized throughout.  It's creepy. I've ranted about it a time or two.  But I like it.  No, actually I love it.


And now I will go hang my head in shame for a while.


I wish she would just write an age play book and be done with that trope.  She doesn't use it all the time so she could probably move on from it. And I think I would just love that book rather than loving and hating it.