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30 Day Book Challenge, Day 11 - A Book You Hated

Marriage At His Convenience (Wedlocked) (Presents, 2196) - Jacqueline Baird Beyond Eden - Catherine Coulter Secret Ties Secret Ties - Opal Carew The Wolf Next Door - Lydia Dare Black House - Peter Straub, Stephen King

Today we all get to rant together!  I am feeling ranty for a variety of reasons so I am going to enjoy this. Few things are more cathartic than a good rant.


I have decided to rant briefly about several books.  This is partly because I hate more than one book and partly because I just feel really ranty and autocorrect quit fucking turning ranty into tangy.  I do not feel tangy.  By the way, today's post will contain some uncharacteristic for me foul language. On to the rants!


I will start with two lesser rants.


The Wolf Next Door - Lydia Dare :  This is an odd situation where I love the series but hate this one specific book.  Prisca, what happened!?  Why did you let the author turn you into an irredeemable bitch? I resent hating you.  I hate hating you! Now if you turn up in future books I'm not sure if I've got spunky, cool Prisca or stupid, irrational bitch Prisca.  


Black House - Stephen King, Peter Straub :  I never dreamed two of my favorite horror writers could collaborate to write a book so unrelenting boring.  I quit at the point where the good guys were going in the scary house to confront the evil within.  I know both of these guys went through some time when they were phoning it in but this was so obviously written by formula that I felt like they were mocking me. 


And now I have worked myself up to some more seething, bitter, hateful full on rants:


Marriage At His Convenience (Wedlocked) (Presents, 2196) - Jacqueline Baird : Here we have what I believe is the single biggest asshole in all the Harlequin Presents universe and possibly in the entire category romance universe.  I expect HP "heroes" to be jerks.  This guy goes so far beyond that!  To the traditional egotistical toolishness he adds sociopathy, violence and bigotry.  He is a homophobe who sexually assaults the heroine and steals her inheritance from his gay nephew who was her best friend.  He needs to be beaten over the head with a heavy rock. Then sent to prison.


Beyond Eden - Catherine Coulter :  I DNFed this book, which is something I don't often do.  I get that character abuse can be a handy way to set up a situation where the other lead character gets to provide comfort. I even enjoy hurt/comfort stories.  This one took things to an extreme, especially emotionally, that I couldn't stomach.  I still can't think about this book without almost throwing up.


Secret Ties Secret Ties - Opal Carew :  I think there should be a special hell for authors who write about bdsm when they don't have a fucking clue what they are writing about. This book is actually dangerous. Ms. Carew has her impressionable heroine "learning" from an idiot she puts forth as an authority on bdsm who does every single fucking thing wrong. I am not a "one true way" person. In fact I hate that concept and this alleged Dom espouses it and I hate him all the more for that. So I don't mean wrong as in he's not playing in a way that pleases me. I mean wrong as in he constantly puts his sub in danger.  And it's not edge play (which she's not ready for, anyway), it's that he's a dumbass.  Then there is the fucked up ending... I am angry about every penny I spent on this book. I'm angry about every second I spent reading it.  I'm angry that it exists at all.




I feel better now. :)