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30 Day Book Challenge, Day 9 - A Book You Thought You Wouldn’t Like but Ended Up Loving

Kiss an Angel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

This was an easy choice. The minute I read today's challenge I knew I'd pick Kiss an Angel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips.


This book is rightly beloved among romance novel fans.  It ended up being one of my favorites.  But I put off reading it for a very long time, even after I purchased it.  I put off reading it for many years even though people I trusted recommended it over and over. I think I only bought it because it was a kindle deal of the day.  The reason for my reluctance despite being urged to read it by people I trust?  THE CIRCUS.


I hate most circuses.  Despise them.  Also, I am afraid of them.  It's not just that they generally have clowns, though that is an issue.  I also do not like the way many of them treat or have treated the animals in their care.  Then there was the miniature model circus I happened to see in a museum when I was very, very young.  It was a huge and intricate model and I was fascinated by it, but in with all the cute little scenes was a guy who had been murdered with a sledgehammer.  It freaked me the hell out.  I have not been to a circus since.


But I've seen dozens of recommendations and claims that this book has a fantastic grovel and I owned it anyway ... so finally this past April I took the plunge and read it.  I had given myself permission to DNF if the circus parts got to be too much.  And then I fell into it's grip and fell in love with it.  To its credit, it dealt with the animal mistreatment well.  Very well.  I don't really remember much about the clowns but I know they were not scary.  I loved both the heroine and hero by the end and all the animals and most of the secondary characters as well.  I thought it was a great story.  And there was no murder by sledgehammer, just a very well-written romance that I am very glad I read.