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Have Me by Jo Leigh

Have Me - Jo Leigh

This Harlequin Blaze series has silly titles and covers but a fun premise.  This is the second I've read in the series and I've enjoyed them both.  This one had some suspense, especially in the second half and an interesting theme in that the heroine really grappled with whether she was spending time with the hero (who is from a much lower socio-economic group) primarily because she liked him as a person or whether her feelings were too much affected by liberal guilt.  It plays out in action more than rumination and they are both quite likeable characters so I enjoyed the process of them going from one night to forever.  I've deducted a bit because I felt things bogged down a bit in the middle.


The fun premise that holds the series together is that a group of single women who meet bimonthly to exchange home-cooked lunches also decide to exchange information on single men they know and can recommend via trading cards.  Silly no doubt.  Except the lunch idea.  I am intrigued by the lunch exchange idea.  I get tired of my own cooking even if it's pretty darned good.  But with a group of 17, you know at least a couple of them are going to be so-so or even wretched cooks. How do you kick them out without offending the person who invited them? Find someone who lives elsewhere to marry them off to via the trading cards, maybe?


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