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30 Day Book Challenge - Day 2, Book I've Read at Least 3 Times

The Hobbit: Illustrated Edition - J.R.R. Tolkien, Jemima Catlin Bored of the Rings: A Parody - The Harvard Lampoon Iberia - James A. Michener, Robert Vavra

When I started this challenge, I made two rules for myself: 1) No Harry Potter books; and 2) Only one book by Jane Austen and it can only go in one category.  I did that because I could answer almost every single one of these with either a Harry Potter book or a book by Jane Austen.  But ruling them out makes this a lot harder for me.  That’s especially true in this case since I’ve read every single book written by Jane Austen almost every year since I was about 25 (and I’m now 39+++++++++++ ....) and I’ve read all of the HP books many times as well. 

I was tempted to choose The Hobbit: Illustrated Edition - J.R.R. Tolkien  or one of the LOTR books.  I’ve read those many times.  There’s also the Harvard Lampoon parody of the LOTR series, Bored of the Rings: A Parody - The Harvard Lampoon.  It’s a silly, kind of stupid parody, but I’ve read it so many times I can quote it in my sleep.  And it is (or was, it’s a bit dated now) hilariously funny despite being juvenile and stupid.

Instead I’ve decided to go with a nonfiction book this time.  This book played a large part in forming the direction of the first 30 or so years of my life.  I haven’t read it since then but while I was trying to decide which book to use for today’s challenge last night, I looked up at one of my bookshelves and there it was, standing out on the shelf saying, “Remember me?  You used to love me.  You used to read me over and over.” 


Iberia - James Albert Michener 

I really did used to love this book.  If I read it again, I’d probably fall back in love with it.  This book is the reason I toughed it out through four years of Spanish in high school including AP Spanish and got to the point where I was dreaming in Spanish and writing my English papers in Spanish first and then translating them into English before I turned them in.  As a result it's the reason I have some knowledge of English grammar, spelling and punctuation.  It’s the reason I majored in Spanish in college.  It’s the reason I’ve attempted to make paella.  It’s the reason I spent five years of my life working as a travel agent, so it’s also the reason I’ve been to England, Jamaica, and Hawaii and the reason I almost moved to Denver, Colorado.  It’s the source of a few hangovers from drinking Spanish wine and lots of dinners made up of tapas.  It’s played a part in probably a third or more of the major decisions I’ve made in my life.  I first read this book my freshman year in high school when it was required reading in Spanish class.  I probably read it 6 or 7 times between then and the end of my career as a travel agent.

Okay, here’s the punchline of this story:  I have never been to Spain!

I was all set to go during my first year as a travel agent but something came up and I didn’t get to go.  I thought another opportunity to go there would come up, but I got sick of being a travel agent after five years and moved on in other directions and to other things and never read Iberia again.

There’s a Kindle version of it now.  Even though I still have my beloved paperback edition that I no longer re-read, I am so tempted to buy it.