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I love to read and to talk about books. I review many of the books I read. I do not accept any author/publisher submissions for reviews. I do not read or review ARCs. I do not enter any giveaways or contests. I obtain the books I review by purchasing them at the same price they are offered to the general public at the time of purchase. My reviews are intended for the use of my fellow readers. They are not advertising or promotion. They are not beta reads or constructive criticism or editing or advice to the author. My only obligation to the author is to pay the price charged for the book at the time of purchase. My reviews are sometimes critical and I will not stop posting critical reviews just to spare delicate authors' feelings. I am happy to make new friends, but friend requests from authors or promoters who have few or no books (and/or friends) in common with me and write or promote categories I do not read (especially new adult) will be ignored. I used to read more self-published books. After recent meltdowns by self-published authors, I now only read self-published authors I've previously read or who have been recommended to me by fellow readers I trust. I also used to read young adult/new adult books but rarely do so now.

Oprah - Kitty Kelley Really 1.55 stars with one star given solely for the author's extensive work researching her subject and compiling and organizing data.Kitty Kelley can certainly put a sentence together and the book's very well organized, but it doesn't present much information we didn't already know or a balanced point of view. Granted, Ms. Kelley did not have access to Ms. Winfrey or her inner circle and she concedes at the beginning that the only quotes she has from Ms. Winfrey came from prior interviews. However, that makes most of this very lengthy book read like nothing but a compilation of the prior interviews. It's most interesting when Ms. Kelley quotes Ms. Winfrey's father and aunt, which is not the majority of the book by far. Unfortunately, that's also what is most troubling. What Ms. Kelley does best with the limited information she had access to is organize and display that information to present a somewhat multi-dimensional picture of Ms. Winfrey. In addition to numerous quotes, there are (incomplete) lists of titles/topics of Ms. Winfrey's show, a filmography, lists of books chosen for Oprah's Book Club and spreadsheets detailing Ms. Winfrey's charitable contributions and programs. But Ms. Kelley's agenda shines through clearly and her good qualities are downplayed and the negative ones are emphasized.As private as Ms. Winfrey is, there will probably never be a good, thorough biography of her. I don't believe she'll ever grant anyone that much access. That's a shame, because I think there is a lot we could learn from her. This bio could have come much closer. It also could have been much more sensational. I never felt like I needed to take a shower after reading it, but I certainly didn't feel enlightened in any way either. (Edited to add a few points I felt are important.)