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I love to read and to talk about books. I review many of the books I read. I do not accept any author/publisher submissions for reviews. I do not read or review ARCs. I do not enter any giveaways or contests. I obtain the books I review by purchasing them at the same price they are offered to the general public at the time of purchase. My reviews are intended for the use of my fellow readers. They are not advertising or promotion. They are not beta reads or constructive criticism or editing or advice to the author. My only obligation to the author is to pay the price charged for the book at the time of purchase. My reviews are sometimes critical and I will not stop posting critical reviews just to spare delicate authors' feelings. I am happy to make new friends, but friend requests from authors or promoters who have few or no books (and/or friends) in common with me and write or promote categories I do not read (especially new adult) will be ignored. I used to read more self-published books. After recent meltdowns by self-published authors, I now only read self-published authors I've previously read or who have been recommended to me by fellow readers I trust. I also used to read young adult/new adult books but rarely do so now.

Lea's Menage Diary - Kris Cook I love Kris Cook's Eternally Three series, especially the second, Captivation. I've had less success with his contemporaries. I have mixed feelings about Lea's Menage Diary. First, as the title indicates it is written in diary format and therefore in first person. The only person's thoughts we know (for the most part) are Lea's. That's not a negative for me, but it is something readers should be aware of. It has some very hot and lightly kinky sex scenes in it and a couple of very determined heroes. The heroine, on the other hand, is horribly whiney and since she's the POV character, the whining is front and center. Some of the chapters/scenes felt abrupt to me, but I put that down to the diary format. And apparently Lea only memorializes her thoughts about sex and these two men. There's no mention of work, hobbies, pets, etc. and the only mention of friends is when they come over to ... talk about these two men.What really kept me from loving this book, though, is that the heroine and heroes fall madly, deeply, eternally in love after one hero has had exactly 1 bdsm scene with her and the other has had 2. (One of these is her first experience with bdsm, in a club and another takes place when she is distressed over "breaking up" with these guys she's just met.) As far as I can tell, these people really don't know each other at all but after 3 scenes with the heroine alone with one of the heroes and one menage scene, they are moving her in to their home and discussing how many children they are going to have. That's asking me to suspend disbelief a little more than I can.Kris Cook writes some of the hottest sex scenes around. I could probably isolate those to read when I want something very sexy and be happy. I'm just not crazy about the way he writes relationships, at least that I've read so far in contemporaries (which I admit are only this book and Three to Play. I like his sex scenes and the Eternally Three series enough to keep giving him a shot at writing a contemporary story I can believe.I was not aware this was part of a series when I started to read it. I've since discovered it is and the other book in the series so far is Mia's Spanking Diary. I'm hoping the characters and relationship in it develop a little more realistically.