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Just Right (The Bradfords, #1) - Erin Nicholas Just Right was a pleasant surprise for me. I read the third book in this series first and found it very frustrating. Not so with Just Right. On the surface, this is an opposites-attract type romance. Once you get beyond the hero's initial tantrum and into the actual story, however, both the hero and heroine have much more complex characters than the book's blurb suggests. They also have a great deal more in common than they have dividing them. The treat here is that the journey to discovering their common ground is an engrossing one. There is also a lot of well-written unresolved sexual tension and, once it finally gets some resolution, some very hot, fairly explicit love scenes.The one thing I did find mildly annoying was the hero's apparent immature behavior. Since the book starts out with this and it was a rampant and pervasive theme in Just My Type, I was concerned it would be a serious problem here. Fortunately we get into the hero's head and get an inkling of what's really going on there and the immature behavior also begins to go away quickly. I find that I have a somewhat different definition of "bad" than Ms. Nicholas. In this book our definitions happened to intersect much better than they did in book three and the heroine's reasoning behind the definition made a lot more sense. Still, I find hooker boots and skimpy clothes trashy but tame. It's always the ones who look very conservative who are really naughty behind (or sometimes in front of) closed doors.Those little things aside, I liked this book quite a bit. Both Jessica and Ben have some heartbreaking tragedy in their backgrounds as well as the backbone and deeply caring hearts they need to help each other overcome it. And Ben just seems amazingly hot to me, especially when he's letting his caring side show despite trying so hard not too. There are a couple of scenes like this that are really funny as well as touching. All of the secondary characters are fairly interesting, especially the other Bradford siblings. I think this is a good, hot medical romance series and this book gets it off to a nice start. I think to be fair to book 3 I should re-read it in the correct order.