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Undone by Her Tender Touch - Maya Banks Edited to change rating from 3.25 to 2 and to add explanation at the end.I'd give this a 3.25. It's not my favorite in the series, but it is okay. I may have had too high expectations before I read it, as Cameron was one of my favorite characters in the previous three books and I was anticipating his book. I also liked Pippa quite a bit from [b:Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss|12482534|Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss (Pregnancy & Passion, #3)|Maya Banks|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1331410035s/12482534.jpg|17467280], so I had high expectations for them as a couple. They are definitely hot together during the love scenes. But Cam's back and forth really bothered me and I felt like Pippa lost a lot of her spine between book 3 and book 4. She does get in one good rant toward the end, but it was too little too late for me. Like the rest of the heroes in this series, Cam does not provide much of a grovel. I do think there was one, but considering his behavior it was not nearly enough. Edited to add: This book kept me awake last night, trying to work out why I had an underlying feeling of intense dislike despite it not being a badly written book. It took some tossing and turning but it did finally come to me. And it's problematic enough that I'm dropping a star from my review.It's also very spoilery. There are actually two problems. The first is sloppy writing regarding one issue. The second is a falsehood Ms. Banks has written into the story that is not just problematic for the story, it is potentially harmful for readers who may be influenced by it. And both of these problems relate to the same thing: the morning after pill.Now, I don't believe for a minute that Ms. Banks is waging a battle in the very much existent War on Women in America. I think she's innocently and inadvertently picked up some misinformation regarding the morning after pill. The correct information is: the morning after pill is NOT an abortifactant, no matter how much some religious leaders may want to claim it is. Pippa seems to dismiss the idea of taking the morning after pill at least partly because she erroneously believes it to be an abortifactant. It is not, and that was not a good reason for her not to run as fast as she could to the pharmacy and get the morning after pill if she did not wish to become pregnant.Further, there is the problem with Cam waiting approximately 24 hours to tell Pippa the condom broke. Since he is so dead set against having children, this makes no sense. I would think he'd have driven her to the pharmacy himself within an hour or two of realizing the condom broke considering his thoughts and behavior regarding having children. Cam even considers the pill and then just ... does nothing until the next day. No explanation is given for this.Of course, if they'd come to their senses and calmly taken appropriate action there would not be an Oops Baby and therefore there would not be a plot. I really do not like plots built on falsehoods. I especially don't like them when they may lead some impressionable young person to believe a perfectly valid and moral solution to a problem might be wrong or immoral and potentiality have a negative or even catastrophic impact on their life.And just to be clear, I am not pushing pro-choice here. The morning after pill is NOT an abortifactant.So, this book is at best 2 stars for me and is a disappointing finish to an otherwise good series.