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Rowena through the Wall Review

Rowena Through the Wall: Expanded Edition - Melodie Campbell

I have mixed feelings about this one.  Parts of it are hilarious and it feels like a parody of an 80s or 90s adventure/bodice ripper.  I haven't read enough of those to be certain but it read the way I would expect a Bertrice Small book to play out (based solely on the blurbs I have read).  However, the prose is only purple when it is funny for it to be purple. The heroine is kickass and fortunately not a Mary Sue. And I liked the eventual hero. It was a bit too long and a few themes were repeated to the point they were no longer funny.  A few of the rescues happen just a little too neatly.  I would have liked it more with some editing.


I would recommend Rowena through the Wall but only if you enjoy a mixture of paranormal, historical and slightly speculative romance.  Be warned that it is somewhat dystopian and that there are many powerful men and Rowena and (for most but not all of the book) her sidekick are the only females. You can imagine what that means.  Some reviewers seem put off by Rowena's failure to be an 80s bodice-ripper heroine.  She rather likes her several men, at least until she gets to know some of them a bit better.


I thought it was a good, fun, fluffy romp.